Solly Baby Wrap Carrier

Babywearing is optimal for mamas and papas who wish to keep their baby close to them in order to provide a continual source of comfort as well as to encourage bonding with their little ones. Of equal, if not more practical, importance is that the caregiver’s hands are kept free so that she or he may move around as freely and unencumbered as possible. We’ve found that, apart from keeping baby close and comforted at all times, wearing our baby when outside of our home results in fewer strangers trying to touch him (as they do when he lays in his pram) since people tend to respect our personal space.   

Why we love our Solly Baby Wrap:  

The Solly Baby Wrap is a soft sling carrier; that is, one very long rectangular piece of fabric which is wrapped around a caregivers body to create a little nest or kangaroo-like pouch that holds baby close at all times. This is a ‘one-size-fits-all’ sling which can be adjusted to suit different body types comfortably and may be wrapped around in different ways as baby grows and matures. As a result, one sling is enough – and there’s no need to purchase different carriers if caregivers are of a different stature or build, and this one very wrap may see your baby from newborn up until he is 25 pounds or 11kgs (about 9 months old).

Apart from tutorial videos describing different carries as well as tips and tricks for babywearing which may be found on the Solly Baby website (here), the Solly wrap arrives with a helpful instruction booklet with diagrams and explanations which are exceptionally easy to follow.     

As well as being affordable and available in a variety of great and attractive patterns (we chose the ‘Charcoal Swiss Dot’), the fabric of the Solly Wrap is particularly lightweight, breathable and soft when compared to other wraps available on the market, thereby making it ideal for warmer climates such as ours. The lightweight fabric of the Solly Baby Wrap also results in a carrier which is neither bulky nor heavy to carry around in our nappy bag.     

When compared to other wraps, particularly those in one block colour, another advantage to the Solly is that the pattern is only found on one side of the fabric, making it easy to spot twisted fabric and avoid creating these when wrapping, thereby ensuring comfortable as well as safe babywearing experiences.

Another simple yet effective feature to the Solly Baby Wrap is the pocket which is sewn into one end side of the sling, meaning that we always have a pouch to store it in after removing it, thereby ensuring that our wrap remains clean for baby.

Downsides to the Solly Wrap

The sheer length of the Solly Baby Wrap makes it problematic to re-tie if you’re out and about (unless you’re somewhere with very clean floors) since it’s so long that the ends will inevitably touch or rest on the floor whilst wrapping up. Having said this, the length does add to the comfort of the wrap and there are simple ways to counter this; we quickly got used to pre-tying before leaving the house, and leaving the wrap on for later even if baby needs to be removed for a change or feed. Alternatively, in the instances where we decided to wear baby after he was in his stroller, and hadn’t pre-wrapped, a trick we learnt is to use a chair or table to lay the ends on rather than allowing them to drape onto the floor.


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