BT Digital Audio Baby Monitor 400

The market is saturated with baby monitors; be they audio, video, movement – or any combination of the three.  When it came to choosing our own baby monitor we felt like we were spoilt for choice. After doing some thorough research and taking into consideration a few options we decided to go for the BT Digital Audio Baby Monitor 400.

The BT is a no-frills audio only baby monitor.  Why did we choose this model? Specifically for that reason.

Our choosing process

We live in a three-floored house with stone floors and meter thick stone walls in certain places so range was of utmost importance to us.  There was no point in purchasing a baby monitor which only worked up until the next room over. The three floors meant that we were also looking for a monitor that was easy to move around, this is also useful when visiting parents and friends.

At first we were convinced that we needed a movement mat – this is a part of the monitor which is placed under the cot mattress which feels the movements and breathing of your baby. We actually purchased a baby monitor with audio and movement but ended up returning this as we weren’t too happy with it. Reasons being that a piece of hard wood is needed under the ‘mat’ to ensure it functions properly (which would be an issue in a Moses basket), we worried about the extra wires inside the cot and the range was not half as good as the BT 400’s. Portability wasn’t very great because of all the extra pieces – but it depends on each parents’ intended use.

We therefore decided to go for the BT 400, an audio only baby monitor, after reading only positive reviews on Amazon for this reasonably priced device.

How we tested it

We actually bought the baby monitor before I gave birth, this was to ensure we had one we were happy with by the time he was born. We set it up in the top floor and I stayed next to the baby unit whilst my husband walked around the house with the parent unit. The model we chose doesn’t have two way talk so I constantly spoke in a whispered tone a few meters away from the baby unit and my husband went from room to room, slowly making his way down to the bottom floor eventually reaching the farthest room possible – one which has issue with cell phone reception – and it kept working flawlessly all throughout!

What we love about it

I was going to title this heading ‘What we like about it’ but we really love it!

  • The quality of the audio is very crisp and clear.
  • There is no background static or white noise .
  • Both the parent and baby unit have removable and interchangeable power supplies, but only the parent unit is battery powered.
  • The range is incredible.
  • It has the option to mute the sounds but LED lights indicate the sound level in baby’s room so you can set it in your line of sight without hearing every noise but still knowing if baby needs you.
  • It picks up even the faintest whisper – there isn’t a minimum level the monitor is triggered at.
  • There is no lag time between a noise made and your hearing it.

All in all this monitor does exactly what it says on the box without any frills and does it extremely well – and that’s why we love it. I would most definitely reccomend the BT 400 to any future parents-to-be or anyone looking for a well priced baby monitor that works as you’d expect it to.

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