Bizzi Growin POD Travel Changing Bag

Every parent knows that babies go hand in hand with an incredible amount of items which need to be lugged around; be it a bag filled with spare clothes, nappies, wipes, changing mats, bottles, soothers, milk or food as well as contraptions to facilitate sleeping arrangements such as a nest or blankets to lay them on, especially when travelling.  What if you could combine these into one item?

What is it?

The Bizzi Growin POD is described as a ‘Travel Changing Bag’. In other words, the POD is a bag which may be used to carry all that your baby needs when out and about whilst doubling as a travel cot and a nappy changing station all in one!


How it works:

Apart from being large and spacious with several pockets and compartments (including a useful insulated one), the POD has a long zip along the perimeter of one side. Opening this unfolds the unique travel cot and a nappy changing section which this bag is known for. A pair of light-weight poles are used to add structure to the sleeping-section whilst a padded mat (which doubles as an everyday nappy changing mat) ensures that baby sleeps comfortably. The sides of this fold-out section are made of a perforated mesh material that allows plenty of air circulation. Of course, the bag’s contents remain inside, in the main section of the POD and needn’t be emptied out for use.

How easy is it to use?

You can set the sleeping or nappy changing station up in less than a minute.  All it takes is unzipping the designated side of the POD, unfolding the material, sliding the poles along the sides and laying the padded mattress. Packing it up is just as easy!

What do we think?

We’ve used the POD as our baby bag from the start; it holds all of baby’s requirements and does its job of doubling as a travel cot wonderfully. Visiting our parents or friends hasn’t been an issue since no sleeping arrangements ever need to be made beforehand yet we still ensure that our loved one has a safe and comfortable place to sleep.

The bag is beautifully made from quality, durable fabrics and is available in two colours;  Bizzi Bee Print and Linen Grey (we opted for the Linen Grey version as we like to keep all our baby related items as neutral as possible though the other option is perhaps a little more ‘fun’).

In brief, we definitely recommend this baby bag both to those parents who travel frequently as well as to those who don’t given the possibilities it provides.

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