Babyzen Yoyo+

A little after we found out that we were expecting, my husband and I began to discuss the items which we would need to choose and ideally prepare before baby arrived. Travel systems seemed like the place to start off with – and I’ll admit, after going into full blown ‘study-mode’ when considering the pros and cons to different systems, I felt completely overwhelmed with thoughts of how bulky and heavy the strollers which the majority of brands seemed to offer were. I’m quite petite, and 3-in-1 travel systems only reminded me of tanks heading off to battle.

Of course I wanted something which would check all of the boxes; to be lay-flat for when baby is a newborn without the bulk and chunk that comes along with traditional prams – and this of course without compromising the feeling of a sturdy and safe environment for our baby. To top this off, I hoped to come across an all in one stroller (from birth upwards) which was relatively lightweight and could fold up compactly (not to mention easily) in order to fit into the car without requiring too much effort.

My husband enjoys ‘no frill’ products and was all too pleased when I came across the Babyzen Yoyo+.

Why we like it

It was clearly love at first sight for my husband; from the folding mechanism and the engineering behind that to the sleek design of it all.

The Babyzen Yoyo+ makes use of one frame with two fabric options (each available in many colours) which are used successively. The first, the 0+, is used from birth and resembles a traditional pram (without all the bulk) in that it is completely lay-flat for newborns. Following this set up, at around 6 months, as baby begins to become inquisitive and wishes to look around, the 0+ fabric is removed and the 6+ is installed onto the same frame, thereby transforming the Yoyo into a forward facing stroller which can be used until baby weighs 18kgs.

Apart from weighing only 6-7kgs and folding / unfolding single-handedly, the Yoyo+ is absolutely charming on all fronts.

Great features at a glance:

  • From birth – 18kgs
  • Lightweight: only 6.2kg
  • TINY fold! Measures 52 x 44 x 18 cm (cabin-luggage certified)
  • EASY fold! Collapsable using only one hand
  • Fabrics are easy to remove and easy to clean (washing machine safe)
  • Suspension on all four wheels
  • UPF 50+ canopy to protect baby from UV radiation
  • Possibility of purchasing attachments for various brands of car seats

Newborn (pram) set-up:

  • Completely ‘lay-flat’ for newborns
  • Rear-facing meaning that you have a clear view of baby at all times
  • Little one is strapped in with a 5-point harness (a feature not common in other prams)

6 month onwards (stroller) set-up:

  • Front facing stroller for the inquisitive baby who is interested to observe the world around him

Anything we don’t like?

No, not really. The only drawback (if you could even refer to it as such) which we’ve found is that the handlebar cannot be adjusted to different heights. Nevertheless, we both found the handlebar height comfortable making the lack of adjustability easy to look past.

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